The TAD530GE is a powerful, reliable and economical Generating Set Diesel Engine.

Durability & low noise
Designed for easiest, fastest and most economical installation. Well-balanced to produce smooth and vibration-free operation with low noise level. To maintain a controlled working temperature in cylinders and combustion chambers, the engine is equipped with piston cooling. The engine is also fitted with replaceable cylinder liners and valve seats/guides to ensure maximum durability and service life of the engine.

Low exhaust emission
The state of the art, high-tech injection and charging system with low internal losses contributes to excellent combustion and low fuel consumption. The TAD530GE is certified for EU Stage 2 exhaust emission regulations.

Easy service & maintenance
Easily accessible service and maintenance points contribute to the ease of service of the engine.

Información Técnica
Engine TAD530GE
Production period 2007-
Operation 4-stroke
Cylinder configuration 4
Bore (mm) 108
Stroke (mm) 130
Compression ratio 18:1
Displacement (litres) 4.76
Power (hp) 101-115
Max engine speed (rpm) 1500-1800
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